CITREC-STEC Enter Partnership Agreement

The Canadian International Training & Education Corp. (CITREC) and the Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC) have entered into an agreement that will see Canadian tourism and hospitality courses and training being offered overseas.

CITREC CEO Mr. Ashwant Dwivedi said that the partnership with STEC will allow foreign nationals to receive training in the hospitality and tourism sectors in their home country.

“We are thrilled that Canada’s tourism training is being recognized internationally. It is a testament to the many industry professionals who are integral to the development of the occupational standards that are so widely used across Canada. To have these standards become available overseas validates the hard work and commitment of all involved,” STEC Director Ms. Carol Lumb said.

CITREC recently also entered into a partnership with the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC), a partnership that will allow international clients to access emerit education and training in their home countries and to obtain an Occupational Knowledge Certificate in a classroom setting. Mr. Dwivedi said that he is pleased that foreign nationals will be able to access the emerit training and recognition resources which are based on National Occupational Standards, and are available for 46 tourism occupations.

“These resources represent the broad spectrum of tourism careers available today. The standards are national guidelines that assist tourism professionals in acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to achieve excellence,” Mr. Dwivedi said. Mr. Dwivedi added that STEC, as a founding member of the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council, is a leader in Canada’s Tourism and Hospitality Sector. STEC, as a national leader, has grown into one of the most active, service-oriented Tourism Human Resource Organizations in Canada.

“The Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council has earned national and international recognition for its outstanding work in training individuals for rewarding careers in tourism,” Mr. Dwivedi said.

STEC is also lauded for “opening doors” to employment for people who are marginalized ortraditionally under-represented in the workforce. Tourism Saskatchewan and STEC are committed to overcoming a labour deficit in their province and to forging linkages between employers and employees that yield positive benefits for all.



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