GP Job Ready


Photo Caption: Graduates of the CITREC-GP Program in Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands. 

THE Guadalcanal Province under its labour mobility initiative with Canada has graduated 27 students yesterday.

The 27 was a second group of students who have taken four months training under the GP and CITREC labour mobility programme this year.

During the graduation yesterday, the CITREC representative also made known to GP officials, parents and students, 16 seasonal workers are ready; first seven will be on February, followed by four and then five from these graduates.

According to GP and CITREC agreement, these graduates are entitled to work in Canada as they have Canadian recognised certificates.

The Premier for GP, Anthony Veke, said his government is excited to have these students graduated which is important for the province’s human resources and economic development.

Mr Veke said human resources is what GP wants to push for, reaffirming that when investing in education, there’s no mistake in investing in human resources.

“You might have gold, you might have logs but this ones will be finish, human being will not be finish as long as there is a ground for people to stay, human being will always be there.”

Mr Veke wishes Solomon Islands’ government recognises his province’s effort and support the initiative that the province have started and look at benefits the country will get out of such initiative – remittances.

“If SIG assist GP, we will look at recruiting nationally not only for GP but whole country, and let’s look if we can bring the concept to national level so we run this programme for country, so that remittance for economy is not a mistake again,” Premier Veke said.

Canadian International Training and Education Corp Chairman, Ashwant Dwivedi said, “Let us not forget the fact that Canada has a robust tourism economy which in 2010 was reported to be around $167 billion per year.

“The Canada tourism sector expects this revenue will increase to almost $287 billion by 2035.

“With more tourist arrival there will be more demand for workers and this is where CITREC-GP can play an important role by providing its labour force which is job ready according to Canadian standards.”

“Solomon Islands have a high unemployment rate, this partnership is one best opportunity for our youths to be employed and continue to propel Solomon Islands economy,” Chairman Dwivedi said.


THE Canadian International Training and Education Corp Office in Honiara highlighted Solomon Islands’ great opportunity to start looking at foreign remittances to grow its economy.

Mr Ashwant Dwivedi, Chairman for Canadian International Training and Education Corp of the CITREC-GP programme, highlights there is great opportunity for Solomon Islands to start looking at foreign remittances as an opportunity to grow its economy.

Mr Dwivedi said presently Solomon Islands is relying heavily on its natural resources as part of its earning which is a major time-bomb.

He said, “natural resources will run out, your timber will run out, fishes will run out not completely but production will go down, and best way right now for Solomon Islands to making sure it can have a continuity of development for its economy which I consider is seasonal workers.”

Mr Dwivedi said he has discussed this with Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare saying Solomon Islands can start to export its labour force just like Philippine, India and China and have the opportunity to be able to gain foreign remittances through that.

“I think we should explore this opportunity Solomon Islands, we should look at labour mobility as national concept not only with GP but other provinces and see what we can do then encourage our youths,” Mr Dwivedi said.

Mr Dwivedi said what’s inspiring is the 80 percent of Solomon Island’s population (400,000) are unemployed, and it is a need to consider increasing and creating job opportunities.

“Solomon Islands need to consider this aggressively and seriously and move towards the direction of a national convention on labour mobility,” Mr Chairman Dwivedi said.

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