GP Praises CITREC Partnership


TWO Solomon Islands CITREC  students are set to travel to Saskatchewan province in Canada to work as part of the labour mobility scheme between Guadalcanal province and the Canadian International Training and Education Corp (CITREC).

Following two successful interviews, first of which was conducted by Guadalcanal Province Ministry of Education and Tourism with the students on Monday 19 July and the second on Wednesday 21 via skype with Canadian employers.

The two students Mr Careka Volly and Amelia Muse on Friday 22 signed their employment contract with the employer, witnessed by Premier Anthony Veke, his executive and Guadalcanal province .

Following the sealing of the contract document, Premier Veke congratulated MrVolly and Ms Muse for being selected and first to take on employment in Canada. “Go to Canada, work hard, be good ambassadors of Guadalcanal province and uphold the trust vested in you and what the province expects of you” Hon Veke told them.

He further stressed to the students that “your success is not for yourself, know that your family, the province and country expects a lot from you, you two are opening the door for lot more Guadalcanal students to follow suit, therefore be good, enjoy your time and work good knowing the future of the programme is in your hands” Veke said.

The two students are employed by in Saskatchewan province.

Some of the conditions agreed upon and signed by the students includes; work schedule, wages and deduction, reviewing of wages, travel expenses, accommodation, hospital and medical insurance, workplace safety insurance (Worker’s Compensation), notice of resignation and notice of termination of employment.

The employee (Guadalcanal Students) shall work 40 hours per week. Workday shall begin at 8:00am and ends at 5:00pm, with a 60 minutes break time that includes lunch and coffee breaks. Shifts and weekend work maybe required. The employees are entitled to two days off per week and 15 days of vacation.

The employer agrees to pay the employee a gross wages of (USD)$440 per week or $11 per hour on a bimonthly interval basis. All deductions payable as prescribed by relevant national and provincial laws of Canada are subjected to the employer. Further the employer agrees to review and adjust(if necessary) the employee’s wages after 12 months of employment to ensure they meet the prevailing wages rate for the occupation in the region.

The employer also assumes a non-recoverable cost of two-way ticket for the employee to and from Solomon Islands and Canada.

The employer will not provide accommodation but will ensure that the employee receive reasonable and proper accommodation. Hospital, medical and workplace safety Insurance shall be covered for by the employer at no cost to the employee nor deduction from their gross wages.

Should the employee wishes to terminate his/her contract, a written notice of one week must be submitted to the employer. Likewise the employer must give a one week written notice before terminating contract of the employee after he/she has completed three months of uninterrupted service with the company.

Guadalcanal provincial government is proud of this milestone and the province is also set to benefit from the scheme through remittances.


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