Education Partnerships


 Building Stronger Ties with Saskatchewan Ashwant Dwivedi (L) CEO CITREC with Premier Brad Wall.

CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL TRAINING & EDUCATION CORP. (CITREC) offers Canadian standard education and training beyond borders in collaboration with our partner institutions. CITREC specializes in bringing Canadian institutions and certification programs to the world and making Canadian education more accessible globally.  CITREC introduces and promotes knowledge solutions aimed at preparing youth to become leaders and succeed in the global workforce. CITREC is committed to quality, not quantity.

CITREC endeavors to provide the best education options and life-enriching experiences to students worldwide. The programs offered by CITREC are recognized in Canada and the qualifications are the same as those obtained by Canadian students.

CITREC had also partnered with the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada which is a self-regulating, professional association of 75,000 students and Certified General Accountants — CGAs.

Our partnership with the Canadian Tourism Sector Council , Provincial Tourism organisations and Tourism and Hospitality Associations allows CITREC  to offer Canadian skills development programs in foreign countries in a classroom setting.  CITREC’s  leads the certification process working with foreign institutes and the professional tourism industry.

CITREC, in collaboration with its partners, offers a variety of courses and training worldwide.

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