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Foreign Affairs Minister Milner Tozaka has confirmed the Solomon Islands Government’s interest to engage in labour mobility opportunities with Canada.

A statement from the Foreign Affairs and External Trade quoted Minister Tozaka as saying plans are underway for Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare to make a historical visit to Canada and hold talks on a number of important bilateral issues including labour mobility arrangements, clean energy and also to seek export opportunities for the people of Solomon Islands.

Minister Tozaka expressed these commitments at a recent meeting in Honiara with the visiting Chair of the Canadian International Training and Education (CITREC) and Solomon Islands Honorary Consul General Ashwant Dwivedi.

Mr Tozaka said Canada is considered a strong partner and they strongly believe that there is an opportunity in Canada that the government can take advantage of not limited to labour mobility.

Meanwhile, Mr Dwivedi met Prime Minister Sogavare who welcomed the opportunity with Canada, saying as members of the commonwealth, both countries share strong partnerships and he further looks forward to his proposed visit to Canada.


Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has praised Solomon Islands growing relations with Canada, saying he looks forward to further strengthening the bilateral ties between the two countries and also fully utilising the labour mobility opportunities which Canada presents.

The Prime Minister said the recent success of two Guadalcanal – CITREC graduates in Canada as seasonal workers further present opportunities for the Solomon Islands Government to consider Canada as a labour mobility partner in areas of tourism and hospitality.

The two graduates Amelia Muse and Careka Volly have returned home after ‘successfully’ completing their four months employment in the Province of Saskatchewan in Canada. They were employed as kitchen helpers.

Prime Minister Sogavare made the remarks during his meeting with the Solomon Islands Honorary Consul General to Canada, Excellency Ashwant Dwivedi, at the Prime Minister’s Office last week.

The Prime Minister is of the view that he would seriously consider and pursue these opportunities with the help of the Honorary Consul General to Canada in his capacity as the as Chairman of CITREC.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Sogavare also praised the Premier of Guadalcanal Hon Anthony Veke and his provincial government for their commitment to aggressively pursue labour mobility opportunities with Canada.

“I must congratulate Guadalcanal Provincial government and Premier Veke for this labour mobility arrangement with Canada.

“This partnership has surely started to yield results and I feel that there are many others who can take advantage of this opportunity at the national level.

“I am indeed very encouraged by the earnings of the two workers from Guadalcanal Province during their seasonal employment in Canada,” Prime Minister Sogavare added.

The Prime Minister said should the earnings be consistent, Solomon Islands like other countries in the world can place itself as an exporter of seasonal workers to Canada.

Presently Solomon Islands sends its workers to Australia and New Zealand as part of its seasonal employment arrangements with these two countries.

This year Canada became the third country to provide seasonal employment for Solomon Islanders when Guadalcanal Province sent two of its people for seasonal jobs in Canada.

Consul General Dwivedi told Prime Minister Sogavare that Canada presents great opportunities for Solomon Islands seasonal workers.

“Based on immigration reports in 2014, a total of 278,980 foreign workers were employed in Canada. I’m sure in future, Solomon Islands can add to these numbers,” Consul General Dwivedi said.

He further said the foreign remittances foreign workers in Canada send to their home countries are calculated at over Can$24- Billion annually.

“Mr Prime Minister I hope you will find these numbers compelling to engage with Canada’s labour mobility sector. I look forward to working to strengthen labour mobility partnership for the benefit of people of Solomon Islands,” Consul General Dwivedi said.

Consul General Dwivedi also discussed with Prime Minister Sogavare the various opportunities that Solomon Islands can seek in the agriculture sector with Canada, saying that Canadian businesses consider Solomon Islands as a country that can become a supply source for fruits and vegetables.

Consul General Dwivedi who is Canadian International Training & Education Corp (CITREC) board chairman met with the Prime Minister whilst on a three- day visit to the country.




A High Level meeting to discuss remittances for foreign workers from Solomon Islands who plan to be working in Canada is taking place in Canada’s capital Ottawa.

The Remittances Commission consists of Senior Vice President of one of Canada’s largest banks, Accountants, lawyers and government officials who are discussing policy for CITREC-Guadalcanal Graduates and remittances that workers will be remitting.

One of the major arrangements that CITREC wants all stake holders to consider is that GP workers should be able to return home with more money and that the cost for them remitting funds to Solomon Islands be reduced to benefit and reflect savings.

CITREC Chairman Ashwant Dwivedi has asked that Canadian financial institutions introduce a low bank fee package for the GP workers so that Workers don’t pay large fees when they are sending their hard earned dollars back to the Solomon Islands.

Also there are discussions on what percent of withholding revenue should benefit the provincial government of Guadalcanal allowing GP to be a major beneficiary of the partnership.

In his opening remarks at the meeting Chairman Dwivedi praised Minister of Education for Guadalcanal Province Hon Lazarus Rinnah for his continued support to the CITREC project.

He also praised Guadalcanal Chief Education officer Mesac Suia and his staff for their efforts in making CITREC program a success.

The meeting held in Canada’s capital city also includes representatives of Settlement agencies that will be responsible to help workers find suitable accommodation and help workers establish themselves when they arrive from Solomon Islands.

Chairman Dwivedi said that he remains optimistic that the Remittances Commission will draw a conclusion that will benefit all the parties before he returns to Solomon islands in November to brief the Executive of the Guadalcanal government of the plan to consider and implement the recommendations of the commission.

“We are looking at the remittances model of that from Philippines, India and China. We are trying to see which model out of all three will best fit the benefiting criteria for the province of Guadalcanal,” Chairman Dwivedi said.

Chairman Dwivedi said that “given the fact that GP will begin to send workers in much larger numbers next year we need to sure that we establish a benefit package by early as January 2017”.

He said that there are Canadian government regulations that must be followed when remitting funds overseas and based on his discussions with Canadian authorities Solomon Islands nationals will not face any issues remitting funds back home provided their paper work as required by the Canadian banks and authorities are all in order.

Two Guadalcanal CITREC graduates have successfully arrived in Canada as part of a foreign worker partnership between Guadalcanal Province and CITREC Canada.

On July 7 (Solomon Islands Independence Day)   the   Canadian government’s Service Canada, approved the hiring of workers from Guadalcanal Province.

Under Canadian law before an employer can hire a seasonal worker to work from outside of Canada it must first enter into an agreement with the Canadian government.

This agreement ensures that the foreign worker entering Canada is paid the same benefits and compensation as a Canadian hired to do the same job.

“Canada does not discriminate foreign workers from benefits that Canadians will enjoy at the workplace. Under Canadian law if a job is paying a Canadian citizen $15 an hour, that is the same rate that the seasonal worker will benefit from and this is strictly enforced by the authorities,” Chairman Dwivedi said.

He said in this case the foreign workers are winning as the employer pays for most of their expenses.

Canadian officials have praised the partnership calling it a success and a right step in the area of Human Resource Development that will grow in the months and years to come and help boost foreign remittances into Solomon Islands economy.

The partnership between Guadalcanal Province and CITREC was at a standstill after previous GP governments had breached the financial aspect of the contract which had resulted in students not being able to travel for work opportunities to Canada.

Canada employs approximately 289,000 workers each year who are brought from other countries   to fill the labour shortage.


GP Leads Foreign Worker Partnership

( The Sun Editorial)

GUADALCANAL PROVINCE is leading the way in the labour mobility programme to seek employment for its people.

This is made possible through the partnership Guadalcanal Province established with the Canadian International Training and Education Corp (CITREC) in recent years.

CITREC is a leader in providing Canadian standard education and training for certificate and diploma programmes.

Students from Guadalcanal have been training under CITREC and will soon be employed by Canadian companies especially in the tourism and hospitality sector.

Premier Anthony Veke who is currently in Canada has received offer of employment from major Canadian employers who are ready to employ Guadalcanal graduates under the CITREC programme.

This is indeed good news for Guadalcanal Province.

Premier Veke said in doing so, the Canadian Government through CITREC is helping a family, a province or even the nation through remittances that the Guadalcanal employees will give to their families when they are working in Canada.

This relationship established between Guadalcanal and CITREC is what the national government should also do for us as a nation.

We need labour mobility beyond our traditional friends of Australia and New Zealand.

We must explore other opportunities for our people to work in other places like Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan, USA, South America, Middle East, Europe or elsewhere.

For this opportunity that Guadalcanal Province has taken, their leaders must be commended.

And when Guadalcanal people are employed by Canadian companies by mid this year, it must be taken seriously.

They would be our ambassadors in Canada and as such, must carry our national flag and that of their province high whilst working in a foreign land.

Guadalcanal Province is indeed taking the lead in caring for its people in finding employment and preparing for statehood.

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More GP Graduates to Enter Saskatchewan Job Market

Canadian Businesses will see more Solomon Islanders in their hotel and tourism industry after it was announced that seven more Guadalcanal CITREC graduates would be making their way to Canada to be employed by a major international hotel chain when the seasonal worker hiring begins early next year.

Canadian International Training & Education Corp Chairman Ashwant Dwivedi told Canadian media during a conference that a major international hotel chain has decided to hire seven more Guadalcanal CITREC graduates on an on-going basis for the next five years.

A statement from CITREC said the international hotel chain has asked that its details not be released, allowing government process being completed in a fair manner.

Meanwhile, CITREC Chair Mr. Dwivedi said once the Canada Government has made its decision, those short-listed GP graduates will be confirmed to their appointment and the hiring process will begin.

He said this is the same process the two current GP graduates underwent who are employed in Canada, adding, they want to ensure the contract offered by the Canadian hotel chain to GP graduates meet or exceeds Canadian labour laws especially in regarding salary, compensation, and other associated benefits.

The CITREC Chair adds it is very important that Government of Canada through its Ministry of Labour is a party to the contract as it will bind and protect the rights of the employer and employee.



Two Guadalcanal Canadian International Training and Education Corp (CITREC) graduates have successfully arrived in Canada as part of a foreign worker partnership between Guadalcanal Province and CITREC Canada.

Canadian officials have praised the partnership calling it a success and a right step in the area of Human Resource Development that will grow in months and years to come and help boost foreign remittances into Solomon Islands economy.

The Canadian Governments Immigration Division granted the two successful GP Workers with work permits allowing them to be employed in Canada for a 4 month period.

They have also been issued with a Social Insurance Number (SIN) and a Medical Service Plan card (MSP).

Amelia Muse and Careka Volly were selected as successful candidates of the Canadian employment partnership between the Canadian Tourism Sector Council and Guadalcanal Province last year.

CITREC Canada Chairman Ashwant Dwivedi who was accompanied by Canadian Immigration and Border officials in receiving the two workers said that he was pleased with the progress.

In May this year, Premier Veke met with Canadian employers asking employers to hire ‘CITREC Job Ready’ graduates for the Canadian job market.

Meanwhile, Amelia said she cannot wait to start the work and make some money together with learning the Canadian ways of working in the kitchen.


Government Delegation Visits BC LG

October 26, 2015  (L-R) : Her Honour Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia the Honourable Judith Guichon, OBC ; Mr. Ashwant Dwivedi, Chairman CITREC Canada;The Honourable Mr. Anthony Veke, Minister of Finance Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands and  The Honourable Rollen Seleso, Deputy Premier, Guadalcanal Province, Solomon Islands.

CITREC Receives CIC’s Honourable Mention for International Qualifications Network Awards



CITREC Receives CIC’s Honourable Mention for International Qualifications Network Awards

OTTAWA:  Canadian  International  Training  &  Education  Corp  (CITREC)  has  received  an  Honourable  Mention  for  its   international  effort  in  providing  skilled  assessment  services  under  the  IMMSKILLS  brand  to  new  and  prospective   immigrants planning to choose Canada as a destination.    IMMSKILLS  initiative  was  highlighted  during  an  event  held  at  the  IQN  Awards   Ceremony  at  the  Museum  of  Civilization  in  Gatineau,  Quebec  today.  The  International  Qualification  Network  (IQN)   is  part  of  Citizenship  and  Immigration  Canada.     IMMSKILLS,  which  provides  skilled  assessment  services  through  its  unique  partnership  with  the  Saskatchewan   Apprenticeship  Trade  Certification  Commission  (SATCC),  has  received  the  Honourable  mention  out  of  63   nominations.    Other  nominations  include  that  received  from  various  Canadian  Universities  and  Professional   designation  granting  organisations.  IMMSKILLS  initiative  is  among  8  others  who  have  received  an  Honourable   mention  under  different  criteria.     IMMSKILLS  assessment  allows  foreign-­‐trained  workers  to  obtain  an  evaluation  of  their  work  experience  and/or   training  credentials  prior  to  arriving  in  Canada.    This  assessment  is  provided  for  both  voluntary  and  compulsory   trades.       The  objectives  of  the  assessment  also  include  a  pathway  to  provide  Canadian  employers  with  a  reliable,  assessed,   Canadian  standard  workforce  from  abroad.  Other  objectives  of  the  assessment  includes:

  • To  use  existing  assessment  procedures  as  a  guide  for  overseas  worker  selection  aimed  at  prospective  new   Canadian  immigrants;
  • To  fill  the  skilled  worker  shortage  in  the  Canadian  workforce  by  providing  a  transparent,  reliable  method   of  determining  genuine  workers,  in  partnership  with  the  Apprenticeship  Commission  across  Canada;
  •     Induct  into  the  Canadian  Labour  market,  people  who  may  lack  formal  qualification  in  their  trade  but  have   accumulated  experience  in  their  own  countries;
  •    To  provide  skilled  workers  in  other  countries  with  an  option    to  attain  an  assessment  to  Canadian   standards  before  migration  to  Canada  or  finding  employment  in  Canada  and  be  job  ready;
  •   To  help  Citizenship  &  Immigration  Canada  (CIC)  and  Provincial  nominee  programs  choose,  select  and   include  those  who  are  genuine  credential  and work experience holders  over  those  who  are  misrepresenting  their  details  to   cheat  Canada’s  immigration  system.
  • IQN  provides  information,  path-­‐finding  and  referral  services  on  foreign  credential  recognition  to  help   internationally  trained  workers  succeed  and  put  their  skills  to  work  in  Canada  more  quickly.
  • IMMSKILLS  is  a  member  of  Citizenship and Immigration Canada   Qualification  network .

CITREC in Media – University of Mauritius CGA Partnership

CITREC has signed partnership Agreement with University of Mauritius. More details on the media coverage can be obtained by visiting the web-links below.

Kwantlen University, CITREC Sign MoU


Kwantlen’s President and Vice-Chancellor John McKendry (L) and CITREC CEO Ashwant Dwivedi signed the MoU in a ceremony last week.

Canada’s Kwantlen Polytechnic University and the Canadian International Training & Education Corp. have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that opens doors for introduction of Canadian Education in the Solomon Islands.

Kwantlen’s President and Vice-Chancellor John McKendry and CITREC CEO Ashwant Dwivedi signed the MoU in a ceremony last week.

In partnership with Kwantlen Polytechnic University, CITREC will carry out an academic feasibility study in the Solomon Islands that will assist both parties in consultation with the Solomon Islands government to identify academic programs which can be offered.

“This is the first partnership between Kwantlen and Citrec, and we are excited about  the opportunities it will provide to students of the Solomon Islands” said Kwantlen President John McKendry.

CITREC CEO Mr. Dwivedi welcomed the partnership saying Kwantlen’s presence in the Solomon Islands will help build educational bi-lateral relations between both Canada and the Solomon Islands.

“  When you take a Country’s education to another Country, it is not only the curriculum that is imparted but also values, tradition and opportunities to those citizens of that country,” Mr. Dwivedi said.

Mr. Dwivedi said that through the establishment of a Canadian program students are presented with the opportunity to study in their home country and obtain Canadian credentials.

The Government of the Solomon Islands and the Canadian International Training & Education Corp. (CITREC) have an agreement that will see Canadian certificate, diploma and degree programs being offered in the Solomon Islands. As part of its partnership with CITREC, Solomon Islands will also include the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) emerit tourism program to be offered in a classroom setting.

Solomon Islands Minister for Education and Minister Responsible for Human Resources Hon. Dick Ha’amori has signed the agreement on behalf of the Solomon Islands government following Cabinet endorsement.

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Honourable Danny Philip has welcomed Canadian  Educational Institutions to come into the country to provide Canadian Education to Solomon Islanders.

“This opportunity will provide internationally recognized qualifications at an affordable cost to the locals,” Prime Minister Philip said in a media statement.

Prime Minister Philip further added that with the Canadian qualifications Solomon Islanders have improved chances to compete in overseas job markets especially in Canada where such opportunities are known to exist.

Early this year, a senior ministerial delegation visited Canada in order to strengthen ties between the two countries. The delegation included Solomon Islands Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Peter Shanel Agovaka and Education Minister Ha’amori.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University was among one of the Universities that was visited by the Ministerial delegation. The visit was facilitated by CITREC.


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