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GP Leads Foreign Worker Partnership

( The Sun Editorial)

GUADALCANAL PROVINCE is leading the way in the labour mobility programme to seek employment for its people.

This is made possible through the partnership Guadalcanal Province established with the Canadian International Training and Education Corp (CITREC) in recent years.

CITREC is a leader in providing Canadian standard education and training for certificate and diploma programmes.

Students from Guadalcanal have been training under CITREC and will soon be employed by Canadian companies especially in the tourism and hospitality sector.

Premier Anthony Veke who is currently in Canada has received offer of employment from major Canadian employers who are ready to employ Guadalcanal graduates under the CITREC programme.

This is indeed good news for Guadalcanal Province.

Premier Veke said in doing so, the Canadian Government through CITREC is helping a family, a province or even the nation through remittances that the Guadalcanal employees will give to their families when they are working in Canada.

This relationship established between Guadalcanal and CITREC is what the national government should also do for us as a nation.

We need labour mobility beyond our traditional friends of Australia and New Zealand.

We must explore other opportunities for our people to work in other places like Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan, USA, South America, Middle East, Europe or elsewhere.

For this opportunity that Guadalcanal Province has taken, their leaders must be commended.

And when Guadalcanal people are employed by Canadian companies by mid this year, it must be taken seriously.

They would be our ambassadors in Canada and as such, must carry our national flag and that of their province high whilst working in a foreign land.

Guadalcanal Province is indeed taking the lead in caring for its people in finding employment and preparing for statehood.

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More GP Graduates to Enter Saskatchewan Job Market

Canadian Businesses will see more Solomon Islanders in their hotel and tourism industry after it was announced that seven more Guadalcanal CITREC graduates would be making their way to Canada to be employed by a major international hotel chain when the seasonal worker hiring begins early next year.

Canadian International Training & Education Corp Chairman Ashwant Dwivedi told Canadian media during a conference that a major international hotel chain has decided to hire seven more Guadalcanal CITREC graduates on an on-going basis for the next five years.

A statement from CITREC said the international hotel chain has asked that its details not be released, allowing government process being completed in a fair manner.

Meanwhile, CITREC Chair Mr. Dwivedi said once the Canada Government has made its decision, those short-listed GP graduates will be confirmed to their appointment and the hiring process will begin.

He said this is the same process the two current GP graduates underwent who are employed in Canada, adding, they want to ensure the contract offered by the Canadian hotel chain to GP graduates meet or exceeds Canadian labour laws especially in regarding salary, compensation, and other associated benefits.

The CITREC Chair adds it is very important that Government of Canada through its Ministry of Labour is a party to the contract as it will bind and protect the rights of the employer and employee.