Canadian Tertiary Interest for Mauritian students

20 Nov, 2010

The interest of young people to study in the field of Business Administration is bound to a variety of factors: accessibility of education, career opportunities, image of a manager in the company. Most recently, the Mauritius Institute of Training and Development, the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) and the Canadian International Training and Education Corp. (CITREC) signed an agreement to provide educational opportunities for Mauritians who wish to engage in chain Business Administration.
While visiting the island, Richard Wagman, Head of Business Administration Program, reports that “40 Mauritian students have enrolled to date,” adding that “we hope to attract 300 in the years to come.”

“Students wishing to continue their studies through SIAST will have the opportunity to do so, since we signed an agreement with the MITD and CITREC and SIAST,” said Richard Wagman. “We guarantee that as soon as graduates, students can apply for permanent residence permits and work in the province of Saskatchewan.”

The Head of Business Administration Program said that the courses are offered in Business Administration full time and part-time, and USD 1 500 1 400 USD annually respectively. It was in August 2011 that the first group of students will receive their diplomas.

Richard Wagman said that there are eleven lecturers at Knowledged Based Training Centre (formerly BAT), Port Louis. He reassured that they are all “highly qualified”. The Business Administration Program Richard Wagman said that institutions of higher education in Canada will soon offer other courses of study for Mauritian students.

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