Canadian business diploma in Mauritius

05 Feb, 2010

Mauritian students in the pursuit of higher education are spoilt for choice by the wide range of study programmes that are now being offered in the country. One of these is the Business Administration Diploma Programme offered by SIAST in collaboration with MITD.

Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology, SIAST, of Canada has signed a partnership with the Mauritius Institute of Training and Development, MITD, (ex-IVTB) to provide diploma courses in Business Administration. Launched last year, the programme has currently 24 students taking the course either on a full time or part time basis.

The next intake has been scheduled for April and to explain the programme to the aspiring students about SIAST, Bob McCulloch, President and CEO of SIAST and David Harvey, SIAST Director of Business Development & International Partnership were in Mauritius last week. They also explained the advantages of taking the course in Mauritius.

“Whatever career path you choose, it will surely involve some aspects of business. Studying business prepares you to work in administration, accounting, banking, human resources, and assists those who wish to operate their own business. It is also an excellent preparation for further studies,” says McCulloch. He adds that a SIAST Business Administration diploma is a passport to the global workforce.

“Being a graduate of the SIAST Business Administration diploma programme will provide numerous opportunities such as further study at a Canadian University to successfully read for a Canadian degree and the potential to work in your country and abroad,” he explains.

Harvey explains that having a diploma from SIAST will be much easier for those who wish to pursue their studies in any institution in Canada.

“The course is exactly the same, and once the course is over, the students will get the same certificate as those following the course in SIAST in Canada. There will be no difference,” adds Harvey.
The courses in Mauritius are being offered by Mauritian lecturers at the Knowledge Based Training Centre of MITD in Port Louis.

Reshmee Kaleeka, local representative and Programme Coordinator, explains: “Before recruiting any lecturer, their curriculum vitae were sent to Canada for the SIAST board to approve it.

“Once the programme was launched, we have received several visits from SIAST to ensure that the programme has been well-implemented and that the couse is up to the level and standard of SIAST.”


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