Welcome to Canadian International Training and Education Corporation

CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL TRAINING & EDUCATION CORP. (CITREC) offers Canadian standard education and training beyond borders. CITREC specializes in bringing Canadian institutions and certification programs to the world as well as making Canadian education more accessible globally.  CITREC introduces and promotes knowledge solutions aimed at preparing youth to become leaders and succeed in the global workforce. CITREC is committed to quality, not quantity.

CITREC’s current partnership in the Pacific Island is helping communities and villagers who are victims of Climate Change seek skills training in tourism and hospitality sector and become job ready. Once graduated as part of public-private partnership these CITREC graduates are offered seasonal employment in Canada.

In 2015 CITREC in partnership with the Hotel Association signed a Labour Mobility Agreement with the Government of Solomon Islands that allows CITREC graduates to gain seasonal worker entry to work for a Canadian employer in the province of Saskatchewan . Government of Saskatchewan praised this private-public partnership.

In 2013 CITREC received recognition from Canadian Government’s department of Citizenship & Immigration Canada for its work in providing Skilled Trade Assessments for Foreign-Trained nationals outside of Canada prior to their arrival to Canada. CITREC Canada under its IMMSKILLS flagship provides this skilled trades assessment in 23 countries globally.

CITREC Program once completed prepares its graduate as Job Ready and offers opportunity to eligible graduates to Canadian job market.   CITREC partners include public institution for skills training and technical education, recognized nationally and internationally.   The programs offered by CITREC are recognized in Canada and the qualifications are the same as those obtained by students studying in Canada.



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